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Supporting all of your impact & ESG needs


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Strategy Development

Nia works closely with your organization to turn your values into tangible impact and ESG goals. Our team then builds a theory of change for you that is embedded in evidence, providing step by step guidance on how to reach those targets. Nia supports the implementation of these best practices in your processes, portfolio, management, and  operations. 

Monitoring & Evaluation

Nia provides in-depth monitoring and evaluation for your portfolio or company's impact and ESG risk. With an expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, Nia conducts rigorous evidence generation and evaluations to stop any "impact-washing."

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm
Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines

Measurement & Management

Impact and ESG measurement is complex, especially in emerging markets. Nia works closely with you to design, implement and monitor quality data collection and analysis throughout the lifespan of your portfolio to ensure you hit your impact targets.

Sourcing &
Due Diligence

Nia helps you turn your passions into tangible impact projects for your portfolio, whether investments or philanthropic activities. Our extensive network provides excellent opportunities that are tailored to your needs. Then, Nia's team conducts thorough impact due diligence on projects that fit your goals.

Pack of Fish

Reporting & Regulations

Nia produces detailed and evidence-based ESG and impact reports that are required for your investors, shareholders or other stakeholders. Nia can also help you navigate any ESG regulations for your business to ensure you are meeting all the requirements. Interested in net zero and the carbon markets? Nia can help you manage those as well.

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