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Where impact and financial success meets

Find Purpose

With Nia.

Nia Impact ("Nia") is a boutique advisory firm based in Johannesburg and London with expertise in the African market, that supports families, investors and businesses to optimise their environmental and social impact while reaching their financial goals.



Introducing Nia.

Providing you with the impact & ESG expertise you need 

Nia works closely with you to fully understand your values and the changes you want to see in the world. By using extensive networks  and expertise across the globe alongside evidence-based research, Nia is able to help you turn your investment or philanthropic strategy into a world-class impact project.

Nia in Swahili means Purpose.

It recognises:

"Making our collective mission the building and developing of our community."

Your Money Can Do Well,

While Doing Good.

How Nia Can Help With Impact & ESG

Build & Implement Strategy

Education & Training

Reporting & Recommendations

Measurement System Development

Integrate ESG into Processes

Rigorous Evidence-Based Research

Monitoring & Evaluations

Data Collection & Analysis

Navigate ESG Requirements

Meet our Partners

Nia is partnered with Caleo Capital, a diversified global financial services business which comprises six divisions: family office, wealth management, asset management, private equity, fiduciary services, and global banking.




Nia also has access to over 100 experts with different sector, geographical, and impact speciality knowledge.

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Impact SME?

Are you an SME in Africa that is solving social and environmental issues in your community? 

As part of Nia's impact strategy, we work with these businesses to help provide the resources they require to succeed. 

Who Does Nia Work With? 

Nia's Provides Consulting Services to Support You*

Nia works with organisations who are looking to better their impact and ESG practices, evaluations, strategy and deployment. This includes a number of different stakeholders including: 

  • Family Offices

  • Asset Managers

  • Funds 

  • Corporations

  • Impact-Focused SMEs  

  • Development Financial Institutions 

  • Foundations 

  • Not-For-Profits 

  • International Institutions

Meet Sarah 

Nia’s team has over 35 years of experience in 20 different African markets. Sarah is Nia’s CEO & Founder and is the visionary for a new future for investing on the continent. 

Sarah has been working in Africa for over 10 years, living in Rwanda, Kenya, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Sarah completed a PhD at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, focusing on the effectiveness of impact investing in small African markets. 

After six years working with local entrepreneurs, impact investors, VCs and accelerators. Sarah started to look for tangible solutions to fill the mass market gaps. She started connecting entrepreneurs to global investors, and saw an opportunity to use her research to build a wholistic solution. 

Sarah has advised for the CDC, IFC, World Bank and HNWIs. She also teaches at Oxford on integrating the private sector with development. Sarah is a mentor for start-ups across Africa and works with a number of accelerators. 

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