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With Nia.

Nia provides:

  • Investors with access to unique and impactful deals in Africa.

  • Advisory for African investment projects to optimise impact and returns. 

  • African businesses with investment readiness support. 


Nia in Swahili means Purpose.
It recognises:

"Making our collective mission the building and developing of our community."

Introducing Nia.

Nia is changing the way we think about development & finance in Africa.

The Benefits of Working With Nia.

Join a driven investment community focused on doing well by doing good.

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Nia works with established and innovative businesses that we believe can successfully scale. Read more

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Nia works with you to determine your financial and impact goals. Then finds the right opportunities and strategies for you. 

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Nia ensures that all of their work contributes to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  

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Nia conducts thorough due diligence and monitoring. You have access to all

of it. Feel informed

and secure. 

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Nia uses their extensive knowledge, experience and networks to support your projects on the ground.

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Nia will help you learn more about investing in Africa and the communities your investments are supporting. 

*With these investments your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may get less than you invest. 


Your Money Can Do Well,

While Doing Good.

Unique Opportunities 

Africa hosts many exciting and innovative businesses that are not easily discovered by prospective investors. Nia makes it easy. 

Deep Local Knowledge 

Nia works with local investors and ecosystems across 17 different countries to ensure that you are working with the best. 

Diversify A Portfolio 

Economically, Africa is currently one of the fastest growing continents in the world. Investing within the Nia community provides excellent opportunities to enter unique markets, sectors and impact areas.  

Experience & Knowledge 

Sourcing, vetting and monitoring businesses can be challenging, particularly in Africa. Nia is experienced and communicates with full transparency with all parties involved with a deal.

Ongoing Advisory and Support 

Already have a project or plans to enter the market? Let Nia help you ensure that you are able to generate the best financial and impact returns. 

Join The Nia Community


Nia works with exceptional African businesses that are raising financing and looking for investors. Nia also advises and supported investors and institutions to better their success in the market. 


Upon receipt of your email to join, the Nia team will personally reach out to you in order to build your profile, establish your unique goals and objectives and onboard you as an exclusive member of the Nia community.


Types of Businesses Nia Works With

Maternal Health Pop-
Up Clinics
in Slums
East Africa 

Current Traction 
£4m in Revenue (annual)

Access to Quality Health 


*These deals are not guaranteed to be available and pose as an example of businesses Nia works with.

Looking to Enter the African Impact Investing Market? 

Nia's Provides Consulting Services to Support You*

Nia works with organisations who are looking for support, networks and experts in African Impact Investing. Nia works with your organisation to assist you through the challenges and complexities of these markets. 

Work with Experts in African Markets 

Nia's team, as well as the numerous local partners we work with closely on the ground, are experts on the African startup and financing ecosystem (including a PhD). 


Optimise your Impact 

Want to make sure that your finances are going towards true social impact? Nia can work with you to ensure that your strategies and decisions are effectively contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. 

Become a Part of Our Mission 

To use finance for true "purpose" in Africa.


Learn About African Impact Investing 

Learn even more using Nia's tutorials, blogs and educational materials. If you ever have questions, Nia's team is here to support you.

*Nia's consulting services are not financial advisory, financial planning or asset management services. 


Meet Sarah 

Nia’s team has over 35 years of experience in 20 different African markets. Sarah is Nia’s CEO & Founder and is the visionary for a new future for investing on the continent. 

Sarah has been working in Africa for over 10 years, living in Rwanda, Kenya, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Sarah completed a PhD at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, focusing on the effectiveness of impact investing in small African markets. 

After six years working with local entrepreneurs, impact investors, VCs and accelerators. Sarah started to look for tangible solutions to fill the mass market gaps. She started connecting entrepreneurs to global investors, and saw an opportunity to use her research to build a wholistic solution. 

Sarah has advised for the CDC, IFC, World Bank and HNWIs. She also teaches at Oxford on integrating the private sector with development. Sarah is a mentor for start-ups across and works with a number of accelerators. 

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Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed. Activity on Nia is not regulated.